Traumatised boys share moment teacher frantically tried to save Khayri Mclean’s life

A 12-year-old schoolboy has described the heartbreaking moment he watched a teacher frantically trying to save a fellow pupil’s life after he was stabbed.

Khayri Mclean, 15, died after he was stabbed outside North Huddersfield Trust School in Fartown yesterday.

West Yorkshire Police have now arrested a boy, 16, on suspicion of murder.

Alfie Wilkinson witnessed the alleged stabbing and said a quick-thinking teacher began doing CPR on Khayri, while trying to stop the bleeding, reports YorkshireLive.

He said: “One of my teachers ripped his shirt off and started chest compressions to keep him alive and covering the wound.

“You imagine seeing it but it’s so much worse to see it in real life like we did.”

Alfie and his friend Ruben Duncan-Keane, also 12, who were interviewed with the permission of their parents, said the deceased boy was a “popular kid”, adding it was not in his kind nature to hurt anyone.

He added: “I don’t know why anyone would want to do that to him, to be honest.

“He thought it was a normal school day, then he come out and got stabbed and didn’t even get to go home and tell his mum how his day was.

“That shouldn’t happen to anyone. The world we live in now, it’s not right.

“It’s made me realise how much of a wonderful family we’ve all got, wonderful parents, wonderful friends.

“It could happen to anyone at anytime, and as soon as you see it you realise how lucky you are.”

The two boys said witnessing the attack had hit them hard – with Ruben adding he felt “traumatised”.

He said: “I’d seen him that day as well. It’s not always like this but something needs to change, it’s not right what’s happened.”

Alfie added: “Something needs to change and it needs to change fast.

“If you get in a fight someone’s more likely to come and stab you or shoot you even.

“Everyone’s got a weapon on them these days. If you get in a fight there’s no way out.”

Others have taken to social media to pay their tributes to Khayri.

West Calcuttwrote: “Today my 12-year-old son had to witness his teacher try his hardest to save a young boy’s life, he is traumatised by this, then I had to break the news to him that sadly he has passed away and they couldn’t do anymore.

“My son and many other children witnessed something no one should ever ever have to see.

“My son is a mess and this will stick with him for life as well as all the other poor children.

“The poor teacher who tried and tried to save him. I feel sick. Cold blooded murder in broad day light, a high school student’s life ripped away because of some B****D with a knife.

“When will this end? Am so so sorry to his poor poor parents he never came home from school today.

“Cuddle your children tonight that little bit tighter. REST IN PEACE KHAYRI.”