A cut Super Mario 64 stage has resurfaced from an old Nintendo report

Nintendo preservation site Forest of Illusion, in collaboration with Render Archive and NintendoWarden, have uncovered what appears to be a cut stage from Super Mario 64.

The screenshot reel from a pre-release build of the game was found in the long-sought after 1996 Nintendo Company Report.

But the most interesting part of the report is the page that shows various screenshots of B-roll Nintendo 64 footage from 1995. It’s here that we see still frames from a never-before-seen look ghost stage.

Forest of Illusion combined these stills into a GIF so we can get a better impression of what the gameplay would have looked like.

Most of the text in the report is, however, in Japanese and not in a machine-readable format which doesn’t make it easy to stick in a machine translator.

Still, it’s pretty cool to see some new tidbits from a game that was supposedly thoroughly broken down and examined.