Gogglebox fans ‘can’t contain excitement’ as Malone family show off new puppy

Gogglebox’s Malone family have revealed their new Rottweiler puppy – and everyone is asking the same question. The family have been sharing their sofa with their dogs since joining the Channel 4 show in 2014.

Fans have quickly become attached to the adorable Rotties, having met four since the show started. Sadly, three of their dogs, Frank Izzey and Lucy, passed away during filming, devastating owners mum Julie, dad Tom Senior, and son Shaun.

Showing off their new addition on Twitter, the family said: “We are proud to announce our new addition, Tilly. Isn’t she beautiful?”

Sharing her excitement over their new puppy, one fan said: “She is gorgeous. You are so lucky and so is Tilly, landing on her paws by being accepted into your family. Look forward to seeing her on Gogglebox.”

Another user added: “She’s gorgeous can’t wait to see her trying to steal your cakes.”

A third user said: “Tilly is beautiful, hope we get to see her on Gogglebox with you.”

One user said: “Awwwww so beautiful. Lucky little girl to have a loving family.”

While others joked about whether she is “Dave approved”, asking: “What does Dave think to her?” and “Has this been approved by Dave?”

Dave the dog frequently steals the spot light from his owners as he lives out his life as if nobody is watching.

When speaking to Instagram about being on Gogglebox, Tom revealed how his beloved dog often causes far more chaos behind-the-scenes than what makes it to camera.

In a Q&A, a fan asked: “Is Dace actually as crazy as he is on tv like is it constantly like that?”

Tom replied: “So on Gogglebox, you lot see a snippet of what David’s really like. In real life he’s worse than that, 24/7, it’s mad I’ve never met a dog like it.”